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Apple ITunes 10 And Ping: Problems With Facebook Friends

Apple ITunes 10 And Ping: Problems With Facebook Friends

After hearing that Apple will discontinue its its music social network discovery ... Even Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged its unpopularity, speaking at the AllThingsD D10 conference. ... up with Facebook, allowing users to share songs with Facebook friends. ... The cover of the current issue of The Atlantic.. Back in 2010, Apple was riding high on the iPod and iTunes Music Store ... At the same time, Facebook and Twitter had emerged as major forces, ... Ping was launched on September 1, 2010, as part of iTunes 10. ... by artists and friends, you could also see a Top Ten chart that Ping ... Early signs of trouble.. Go to settings, facebook, turn off contacts, also go to contacts on your ... then you could connect to itunes, click on restore under the summary ... If you have the backup from before facebook contacts issue, then ... Jan 7, 2013 10:03 AM ... of any third parties in connection with or related to your use of the site.. Facebook is apparently blocking Ping integration until the companies can work out coding and capacity issues. ... Wondering why you can't use Facebook to find your friends on Ping--Apple's new iTunes-based social network ... having brief access to Facebook integration in Ping when iTunes 10 launched.. Facebook working with Apple to resolve iTunes Ping integration issue ... network Ping on Wednesday, has made them frenemies (or friend-enemies). ... Apple TV, iTunes 10 and Ping point to where Apple wants to go September 02, 2010. At one time, Apple and Facebook were best friends forever. ... Yesterday, Steve Jobs told Kara Swisher there were issues between the two companies. ... I downloaded iTunes 10 and set up my Ping account (more on that later.... Ping is designed to let you follow artists and friends, share what music ... You can pick up to 10 songs to display as Music I Like (or let Ping pick from your rated, ... If you're used to Facebook, you know you can post all sorts of things ... to see just your posts and comments to them, but it's the same problem: if.... We have heard a few people are having problems with Apple iTunes 10 and specifically the Ping social network, and connecting to Facebook via the interface.. Yesterday Apple announced Ping, a network which many have suggested ... from Facebook, the reality is that at this point, you can't import friends from anywhere. ... it's definitely going to be an issue if Apple wants global domination. ... Yes, iTunes doesn't just run on Apple computers, however there are no.... Some people seem to think it was never a part of iTunes, that Apple decided ... I found a handful of Facebook friends who had just started using Ping as ... When I first loaded iTunes 10 yesterday and started up Ping, connecting with Facebook ... CCPA won't be enough to fix tech's data entitlement problem.. Ping requires iTunes 10 and is not turned on by defaultit looks as if Apple is trying to head off complaints about privacy by making users turn it on ... Now that you're all set up on Ping, how do you find your friends? This is.... Jobs is correct to compare Ping to Facebook and Twitter, because its ... It looks like we're experiencing playback issues. ... If Ping tells you that all your friends are buying and listening to the new ... In addition, iTunes 10 alerts you when the artists you listen to the most are set to play a concert in your area.. Apple's fumbling of its Facebook relationship, steaming model and other things ... says Apple will pull the plug in the next major release of iTunes, ... The upshot: Loads of interest in Rdio and somewhere north of 10 ... Apple actually brags that Ping offers 30-second streams to sample music your friends like.. Problems and Practices for an Emerging Service Industry Tim J. Anderson ... For example,some of Apple's experimentslike iTunes' Genius feature havebecome successful ... Two years later iTunes had sold over 10 billion songsto become the ... For Jobs, Pingwas Facebook meets Twitter meets iTunesandwithit youcould...

iTunes Ping, or simply Ping, was a software-based, music-oriented social networking and ... However, Apple launched Ping with Facebook integration without ... The result was the inability to search for an iTunes user's friends on Facebook who were ... In the same "top 10" list there are Apple's iPhone 4 Antennagate, Google.... Apple certainly took its sweet time releasing iTunes 10 yesterday, and we're ... the removal of Facebook Connect for finding friends. ... enough other problems for Apple to pull the plug on the connection entirely until it's fixed.. Just five years after it first launched Ping in 2010, Apple is closer to ... Ping was a music recommendation and sharing tool that came loaded on iTunes 10. ... expect from Apple, the platform so far has one major problem: No one is on it. ... Whereas Spotify leverages Facebook to connect listeners to friends,.... Ping, if you missed it, was the big new feature in iTunes 10, which Apple ... but I can't cant use my Facebook friend list to recruit people to Ping,.... The one major new feature in iTunes 10 is Ping, which Macworld has already spent a bit ... Friends can follow, view, and comment on each others's new ... album on Facebook or Twitter, we can... click to share it on Apple's social ... Some users have reported a problem with iTunes 10 and music CDs, where.... Ping is available now, as part of the new Apple iTunes 10, although ... find their Facebook friends on Ping, although this stopped working earlier this week. ... and infrastructure problems, hence Facebook pulling the Ping plug.


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